FirmaX Hungary: A Legal Services Providing Company

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FirmaX is a service provider based in Hungary that offers professional accounting, tax, legal, and corporate services. If you are planning to start a virtual office in Hungary, FirmaX can help you a lot in terms of essential financial matters.

Whether it is about legal and taxation or benefiting from tax structures in Budapest, FirmaX makes sure that you have what you want without issues. No wonder, FirmaX is the best Hungary company registry organization you can have in Budapest.

Challenges of doing business in Hungary

  • Construction permits – Having a basic permit for construction can take around three months. Inspections are carried out throughout many internal departments of the government to get required authorizations.
  • Contract enforcement – When it comes to foreign trade and affairs, legal procedures in Hungary are complicated. While litigation over contract enforcement can take more than a year, insolvency cases are worse. If you have a defaulter business partner, you may end up in jail for up to two years.
  • You need a lawyer always – For any type of business activity, you need a lawyer. They represent the company to draft and prepare relevant documentation.

Benefits of doing business in Hungary

  • Great business location – Hungary is at the heart of Europe and is a member of the European Union. It’s a social and economic hub in Western and Eastern Europe. Hungary is the gateway to every corner of Europe.
  • Starting a business is easy – From beginning to end, it takes about five days to start a business in Hungary. All you need is a local business partner and valid identification.
  • It’s cost-effective – The business environment in Hungary gives you low risk and great opportunities. With low export barriers, cheap real estate, friendly tax rates, and many more, doing business in Hungary is cost-effective.
  • Start your business with small capital – Capital requirement is a big concern to start a new business venture. However, Hungary has a low minimum capital requirement in Europe. For example, the minimum capital requirement to start an LLC is about €10,000, and €18,000 to start a corporation.
  • Your business receives VAT no. instantly – When you set up a company in Hungary, you will get the VAT number free of cost. Also, the process is automatic and is an integral part of registration. In other countries in Europe, it may take around six weeks to get VAT registrations for foreign companies.

How FirmaX helps you to set up your business?

Hungary’s company registry procedure gets complex depending on the kind of business you want. Every company will need an attorney in Hungary to delegate the process. That way, you can reduce the costs involved in prolonged stays and making frequent trips to the place.

Besides, there are many factors to consider before forming a company. FirmaX services provide you with the precise and swift formation of your company in Hungary are reasonable rates. The firm has pre-made registration packages that clients can choose from. Moreover, custom company registration packages are provided upon request.

What makes FirmaX different from others?

  • You get all services under one roof
  • They provide services with the best prices on the market
  • Get the latest information to start a new business in Hungary for free
  • Professional, timely support services
  • Many years of experience
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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