What are the most significant barriers to implementing digital transformation in your company?

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Nowadays, digital transformation is a “must-have” of every enterprise. The rules in business are elementary and straightforward: if you do not adapt to the current pace of development and how you run your business, you cannot count on staying in the market. However, the digital transformation process – like any other type of change – is associated with the fact that we may encounter various obstacles. Today we will tell you about the most common problems entrepreneurs face who want to implement changes in the company!

Lack of vision when implementing changes

One of the most common obstacles in implementing digital transformation solutions is the lack of a clear vision of how change should proceed. We know we want to change something, but how and what exactly? If we do not adequately plan all activities, it may turn out that the process is too slow, and what is more – in the worst case, it may turn out that some of the actions taken are even mutually exclusive.

“The new is the enemy of the old.”

Arguably another most common obstacle in digital transformation is the resistance to change that arises in employees. On the one hand, we know that this is an irritating situation for the entrepreneur: after all, subordinates should follow the supervisor’s recommendations, but on the other hand – it is also worth looking at this situation from their perspective. People employed in a company where digital transformation takes place have procedures, habits, and well-worn patterns—naturally, the necessity to learn new ways of operating causes resistance. Therefore the task of the entrepreneur is to conduct the process in such a way as to show employees the benefits that will arise for them from the transformation and to encourage them to cooperate.

A business model not suited to the current realities

Another issue that may hinder or even prevent the implementation of digital transformation is the failure to adapt the way the company operates and the business model to the current market requirements. It is about using customer amenities that they prefer. For example, excessive attachment to a one-time payment method when other companies offer a convenient and cost-effective subscription reduces our chances on the market. It is worth implementing solutions that will be modern and, at the same time, suitable for recipients!

Maintaining cybersecurity

Finally, a significant obstacle in digital transformation is the need to combine modernity and online security. Although some solutions may seem very beneficial and convenient to us, in practice – they may require many changes if it turns out that their implementation would entail a risk of losing the security of the company’s and customers’ data.

It is worth remembering that it is not the number of obstacles we must overcome that is the most important, but our approach. First, it is worth taking care to effectively remove any factor that could prevent the implementation of changes or significantly slow them down. Methodical, calm action is vital here!

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