Jen_ny69 Biography: Net Worth, Age, Husband, Real Name, Instagram, How Old Is Jenny 69?

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Jen_ny69 Net Worth Jennifer Ruiz, also known as Jen Ny69 on social media is an expert in beauty. But, she’s well-known for her secrecy. Jen her husband in particular has attracted attention to her private life. Scroll down to the top of the page to learn more regarding Jen_ny69’s Net worth, age, and where Jen ny69 is from.

Jen_ny 69 Net Worth

Jen Ny69 has over 1.7 million Instagram followers and 700K YouTube subscribers due to her strange obsession. Her YouTube fame earns her anything from $3,900 to $62,500 each month. She earns anywhere between $2,500 and $4,300 from one Instagram advertising post. Her expertise in Social Media into a consultancy company to help budding Social Media Influencers.

She does not just offer suggestions on how to dress properly as well as teaches how to take the best selfies for Instagram. Ruiz offers one-on-one advice regarding how to launch your own business. Her cost for her talks will be $65.00 for each person. If you’d like the exclusive treatment, it will cost you $500.00. Her popularity has brought her fortune which is believed to range from $500,000 to $1 million.

Who Is Jenny 69?

Jennifer Ruiz is a Mexican-American native from Corona, California. The 11th March 1994 was the day her birth date was on 11 March 1994. She was among the very first Latino Social Media Influencers when she began her career as a beauty blogger in 2014. Her popularity grew rapidly and she soon became an official representative of the community within the celebrity online circle.

She offers sound advice on how to apply makeup to suit one’s skin tone. It’s difficult to believe that she was not allowed to use cosmetics until she turned 15 years old. The first time Ruiz was exposed to cosmetics came during her quinceanera celebration.

Jen_ny69: Net Worth, Age, Husband, Real Name, Instagram 2022
Jen_ny69: Net Worth, Age, Husband, Real Name, Instagram 2022

She relates, “That was the first day I wore makeup.” When girls debut at the age of young girls, it’s a Hispanic custom. It’s usually the first time they’re wearing makeup and heels.

Annette Ruiz, Ruiz’s sister, is also a YouTube beauty expert. She began her YouTube channel in the same year and is focused on beauty and hairstyling tips and lifestyle videos. They often offer each other shout-outs and feature in each other’s videos. Ruben Ruiz who is the girl’s brother lives with them as well.

Manny Ruiz’s son is her sole child. We’ve seen him frequently on her social channels, and he’s a cute little guy. Fans love seeing Ruiz manage her social media presence while also being a mom to her baby.

About Jen_ny69

Here are the information about Jen age, husband’s name, and additional details like,

Birth Name Jennifer Ruiz
Age 27 years old
Date of Birth 11th March 1994.
Birth Place Corona, California
Height 5′ 4″
Weight 59 kgs
Spouse Emmanuel
Children Manny
Siblings Annette Ruiz, Ruben Ruiz
Profession Fashion Vlogger, YouTuber
Alumni Riverside Community College
Net Worth $500K to $1 million
Nationality American

Jen_ny69 Age

The age Jen is 27years.

Jen_ny69 Real Name and Husband

The name of her husband is Emmanuel and her birth name is Jennifer Ruiz.

Where Is Jen_ny69 From?

Jennifer Ruiz is from California, USA. She is a popular social media star and beauty blogger.

Jen_ny69 Instagram profile

You may follow her on Instagram @jen_ny69

Jen_ny 69 instagram

Jen_ny69 Net Worth: FAQs

1. What is the husband’s name of Jen_ny69’s husband?

Emmanuel is the husband’s name of Jen.

2. What is the birth date of Jen_ny69?

11th March 1994 was the date Jen

3. What is the name of the child of Jen_ny69’s son?

Her baby’s name was Manny.

4. What is the estimated net worth of Jen_ny69?

Jen_ny69’s net worth is between $500K and $1 million.

5. Is there a name for Jen siblings?

Annette Ruiz, and Ruben Ruiz are the names of Jen_ny69’s siblings.

6. What is Jen’s birth name?

Jennifer Ruiz is the birth name of Jen

7. What is his occupation of Jen?

Fashion Vlogger YouTuber is the job of Jen

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