New World Faction And Alliance Gameplay Mechanism

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New World Faction And Alliance Gameplay Mechanism

New world is a large-scale multiplayer online open sandbox game. Players need to grasp their destiny on a road full of hostility and curse. What to do here, who to ally with, and who to fight against, whether to live alone in a terrible and supernatural environment, or to build a prosperous civilization with others, all these are up to the players themselves. In this world of weather, season and time, the only limit is the player’s own ambition. What are the new world camps? Here we bring the new world faction and alliance play mechanism.



Predators are a ruthless army dedicated to building a free country where anyone with strength can prosper and make New World gold.



Syndicate is a mysterious organization with countless tricks and resourcefulness. They have been looking for taboo knowledge that is difficult for ordinary people to touch, so as to open a new era of enlightenment.



The light alliance is a fanatical individual group. It is its own responsibility to eliminate heresy and purify the land of blasphemers. The purpose is to spread true divine grace all over the earth and return justice to the world.


Alliance Guild

After selecting a faction, players can freely create or join an alliance in the selected faction. The alliance is responsible for the daily operation of the territory, but the faction to which the alliance belongs is the ultimate controller of the territory.


If the player’s alliance wants to conquer the territory occupied by the enemy camp, it must declare war in that territory. In order to declare war, the territory to be conquered by the alliance must be fragile. Unless destroyed by the opposition, the territory is not vulnerable to the declaration of war.


In order for the camp to retain control of a territory, its members must actively enhance the influence of the faction in the territory.


Similarly, if members of another faction want to control a territory, they must undermine the influence of the control faction by raising their own territory.


Strengthening and undermining factional influence is accomplished by completing PVP factional tasks in this specific area.


There are two types of factional tasks: PvE and PVP

PVE task requires you to do some things, such as defeating creatures, handicrafts or inventory. Completing PVE task will reward New World coins, which can be used to buy faction specific equipment and items.


The PVP mission requires you to do something, such as restoring tactical information, sending important messages or items to other areas, or patrolling between opposition factions.


Accepting PVP faction task will automatically mark you as PVP, and unmarking yourself will automatically give up the task.


Death in a PvP task will cause you to fail, and you must go back to another task. In addition to awarding faction currency, completing PVP tasks will also have an impact on factions in the territory.


As mentioned above, the influence on the controlling faction of the territory will enhance its control, while the influence on the uncontrolled faction will destroy the controlling faction and make the territory more vulnerable to the declaration of war.

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