New World Leather Farming Guide: Best Place To Farm Rawhide & Skins

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New World Leather Farming Guide:

If you want to skill the profession of “tracing and skinning” in the New World, this is the right place for you. Compared to other professions, you can increase your skin level incredibly quickly, as long as you find the right places and animals for it. In this guide, we will tell you where and how you can quickly skill trace reading and skinning and how to get raw leather, thick and resistant animal skin for earning New World gold.

Farm rawhide

As soon as you enter the open world of the New World for the first time, you can already farm rawhide. All you have to do to practice the profession is equip a skinning knife. Then you can go hunting and kill animals. Aside from turkeys, every animal has the chance that you will gain a varying amount of rawhide from skinning.

You can start in the Immerfall region. All kinds of wolves roam here from the northwest to the northeast of the city, which you can hunt and skin without any problems. If you prefer to look for other animals, we recommend that you use the interactive map for New World.

Farm thick animal skins

On the other hand, you can only farm thick animal skin at a later character level. You need at least a “Tracking & Skinning” skill of 40 and the animals you hunt should have reached level 35. Which animal you kill from this level is not relevant for the preservation of thick animal skin. The type of leather you will receive varies by level and not by type of animal.

There is a place where you can not only farm a lot of thick animal hide but also improve your “tracking & skinning” skills significantly. Go to the north of the Unsteady Coast area and look for the wild boar floodplain. Level 45 wild boars spawn here every few seconds, and you get over 600 XP each time you skin it.

If you want to earn a little more EP, go in search of deer in the Unsteady Coast instead (around 1,000 EP). You can only earn more XP by skinning a bison (around 1,600 XP). These animals are extremely rare in New World, but some roam the north of the Choppy Coast region.

Farm-resilient animal skin

Resistant animal skin (rarely also mica skin and scar skin) could only be allowed to go along with animals of level 53. A particularly large number of pumas, lynxes, and wolves between levels 51 and 60 roam the southeast of the Edenhain region. An area that you should visit for resilient animal skin.

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