What food has no beginning, end, or middle? Riddle Answer Solved

Why Should One Solve Riddle? What food has no beginning, end, or middle? Riddle Answer Solved

In the current situation of pandemics caused by Covid-19 many of them are glued to laptops and mobile phones playing games or reading, cooking, and sending messages to loved ones via social media. In addition to sharing updates on Covid-19, a majority of them are asking their family and friends to solve these kinds of riddles and puzzles. Finding riddles, puzzles and brain teasers on the internet are among the many ways that have been suggested by people to fill their days with an increase in productivity. Solving these puzzles helps one build analytical and critical thinking skills and are fun to solve.

These mind-bending riddles are being circulated on WhatsApp groups as well as on Social Media. In the midst of self-quarantine and lockdown people are seeking ways to entertain themselves. Many are doing their favorite things such as reading, gardening, cooking and playing online games and so on. With the security measures in place new puzzles are being posted. One of the puzzles to solve is: What food does not have a beginning, an end or middle? Riddle. Invite and challenge your family and friends. Check out the photos!

Here’s a list of foods that have no beginning, end or middle? A riddle for you!

“What food has no beginning, end, or middle? “

Answer to Which food doesn’t have a beginning, middle, or end? Riddle!

Examine whether your think you know is the same as below:

The answer to what food item has no beginning, ending or middle? Riddle is “Donut.”


The answer to the puzzle is Donut. Donut A donut, or doughnut is a kind of doughy confection that is fried or dessert. Donuts do not have a beginning or end, and it has a gap between. Therefore, the answer to what food is without a beginning, ending or middle? This is a Donut.


What food item has no beginning, ending or middle? Riddle – FAQs

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Due to his baldness. The man didn’t have one hair on his head that could be soaked in rain since he was not hairless.

2. There’s a boat that’s brimming with people but there’s not a single person aboard. How can that be?

Since all of the passengers that are present on board are marriage-related. The unmarried are often referred to as single people.


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