5 Ways to Help Your Pet Friend Beat Stress Every day!

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5 Ways to Help Your Pet Friend Beat Stress Every day

People often experience tremendous stress throughout their daily lives. It is no different for their friends from the pet world who may go through similar pressure because of physical or mental trauma in their everyday lives.

While it is easy to spot an anxious human, identifying a distressed pet isn’t simple. The difficulty lies in recognising the subtle signs of grief in pets, especially when a painful condition is not apparent to the pet owner’s naked eye.


Seek your vet’s help to handle your pet’s anxiety issues, whether physical or emotional. The best pet insurance supports your beloved pet with quality medical care while protecting your bank account. Purchase kitten insurance, so your paw friend stays covered in the event of an accident, illness, injury, or other health emergencies and also for regular check-ups.


What are the signs that show stress in your pets?

Carefully observe your pet pal’s behaviour. If you spot any of the below-mentioned signs, your pet companion may suffer from panic or similar.

The most common symptoms are–barking, growling, whining, crouching, shivering, pacing, hiding, panting, pupil dilation, flattened ears, drooling, disturbed bowels, etc. Any of these signs or a combination of them is more likely a call of distress. While some pets are pretty expressive, a few other pets may be too alarmed to voice their concerns. Knowing your pet well helps you in deciding when to meet your vet.


What are the things to do to keep your furry friend relaxed?


Physical touch

Make sure you take your grieving pet in your arms and provide them with much warmth and comfort. Physical contact plays a huge role in reassuring your paw pal. If you wish to relieve your stressed pet, talk to them in a consoling tone so they don’t feel alone. It helps to calm them down. Keep the interaction smooth for the best results.


Give a massage

A stressed pet experiences a lot of tension in the muscles. You can ease your pet’s pain by performing a light massage around the neck and gradually working your way down your furry friend’s body. Ensure you make only gentle strokes on your pet’s delicate body.


Play music

Play some of your pet’s favourite tracks or melodies so they find it therapeutic. Knowing your fur baby’s mood and playing soulful music lessens their stress.


Pick toys

Buy your pet some new toys to provide distraction. You can even offer some of your furry family member’s old toys that are close to their heart. Allow your four-legged companion to spend some quality time with toys and reward them with tiny treats to divert their attention from stress to more positive things.


Exercise and play

Like humans, pets feel deprived of happiness if they don’t get enough playtime and exercise. So maybe it’s time you squeeze in these activities if your pet hasn’t been active lately.

These solutions may be sufficient to cure your pet’s anxiety troubles in normal conditions. However, if any underlying medical conditions contribute to your furry pal’s stressful state, you may have to visit your vet. Your pet needs timely diagnosis and treatment, so they don’t have to endure more pain.

Your pet will be covered for regular and unexpected health issues with the best pet insurance. Buy a pet insurance Nz policy, so you don’t have to worry about the enormous expenses involved in providing your pet with excellent medical care.

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