What’s the best app to keep track of mileage?

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Small businesses or those needing to track miles for an IRS report to get money back from their employers face the biggest challenge. A mileage tracking app is much more time-saving than tracking miles the traditional way. When it comes to keeping track of mileage, how do you choose the right mileage app?

How to keep track of mileage for taxes

The process of business mileage tax deduction may seem complex to some, but it really is quite simple and fully automated if you use an effective app for mileage. Because of this, it’s pointless to manually track your business mileage in a paper mileage logbook or using an Excel mileage log template.

You’ll surely spend more time tracking business mileage manually than if you used a mileage app, and you won’t be notified if there are conflicts that could result in an IRS penalty. A mileage counter app can save you time, allow you to control business expenses and keep track of the whereabouts of drivers, and you won’t have to worry about the mileage rate because the app provides direct access to it.

How to compare mileage tracking applications

A self-employed person will definitely need quite different functions of an app that tracks miles than the owner of a big company with a fleet of drivers using the app as gas mileage tracker, or a rideshare driver.  

One of the most important features of a simple mileage tracker is to get a 100% IRS-Proof Mileage Logs, for tax deduction purposes. MileageWise’s app to track mileage is the only on the market with an in-built IRS auditor, able to detect logical conflicts of your logs. If you tend to forget about your business trips, you should definitely look for the function of retrospective mileage log creation. Mass Distance calculation and the import of trips from Google Timeline seem quite useful too.

The best mileage tracker apps in 2022

Let’s compare major mileage tracker apps.

                    MileageWise          MilelQ           Everlance          TripLog

Average                   $12,000               $6,500              $6,500            $6,300
Produces                         yes                   yes                    yes                     yes
Mileage Logs
Creates                           yes                    no                     no                      no 
Mileage Logs
Imports Trips                  yes                  no                    no                        no   
and locations
from Google
Mass Distance               yes                  no                   no                         no
Built-In                           yes                  no                   no                          no
IRS Auditor
for 70 Logical
Vehicle                            yes                 yes                  yes                      yes

MileageWise’s advantages

In addition to being an excellent tracking app, MileageWise offers a lot of features at the same time. You can find it on the App Store or Google Play. 

Unlike other apps, it’s the only one that lets you import your Google Timeline to create an IRS-compliant mileage log. There is no other app with a built-in auditor for 70 logical conflicts to help you avoid fines. Employers and employees can view and control the location of vehicles from the dashboard. The mileage logs created by MileageWise can also be used retrospectively if a trip is forgotten.

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