What’s the Difference Between Business and Consumer Laptops?

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If you want to buy a new laptop, then you might come across business laptops. But what makes them different? Compared to consumer laptops, business laptops may have some differences in terms of design and hardware. Keep reading to find out more about the main differences between business and consumer laptops, to help you figure out which one is the best choice for you.

What is a Business Laptop?

You can find lots of great deals on business laptops, but what are they exactly? These laptops are designed and intended for business use. They are usually optimized for travel and have a longer battery life for extended use compared to consumer laptops. In general, they are more efficient in terms of speed, power, and battery life, as they are designed to keep up with the forty-hour workweek. Some of the main differences to consider when it comes to business vs consumer laptops include:


When designing consumer laptops, manufacturers often assume that buyers are more likely to upgrade their devices on a regular basis in order to stay on top of the latest laptop trends. They also assume that customers are probably not going to be using their laptops quite as much or for as long each day compared to business users. Because of this, business laptops tend to be more durable as they are designed for use all day, over the long term. Designs don’t usually vary a lot when there are new models since manufacturers don’t expect business customers to be as interested in upgrading.

More Configuration Options

Since business owners don’t usually purchase only one laptop at a time, business laptop lines tend to be designed with a diverse range of users in mind. Because of this, many business laptop models offer a range of configuration options. While consumer laptops might offer some opportunities for custom specifications such as additional storage, they often don’t offer quite as much compared to business devices.

Built For Security

Since they are designed for working all day and manufacturers expect that more sensitive data might be stored on them, it is probably not surprising that business laptops are built with security in mind. When you get a business laptop, security features like biometric fingerprint scanners are usually the standard, even for the more budget models. Along with this, they are usually available with built-in software to make keeping your device secure easier.

Price Differences

With business laptops typically coming with better power, speed, and battery life, you can usually expect to pay more for one compared to buying a consumer laptop. However, over time, buying a business laptop might be a cost-effective option since these laptops do tend to be built to last longer and withstand much more use, which you are less likely to get with a consumer laptop. That being said, some consumer laptops can be quite costly and do offer a lot of durability, so it’s worth weighing up all the options to figure out which is the best choice for you.

Business laptops offer faster speeds, more power, and better battery life compared to consumer laptops.

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