How to Become Better at Selling Solar in 2022

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How to Become Better at Selling Solar 

Sales and marketing are among the most important departments in a business. Typically, there are four stages of sales including creating awareness, interest, consideration, and sales.

The client will know about your products at the awareness stage then move to the interesting stage once they are happy with what you are offering. After which they ask for the offer and then the actual sale proceeds.

For your solar sales procedure to be successful, it must also go through these four stages. That said, here are a small list of tips to help you boost your solar installation business.

  • Dress to impress

The biggest consumers of solar panels are mostly homeowners. This means you might be forced to conduct your sales door-to-door despite the advent of technology.

As such, cleanliness and good glooming are a must. Make sure your sales team is dressed smartly in clean, ironed, and matching uniforms with your company’s logo clearly displayed on the front pocket.

They should also carry with them their brochures and the company’s identification badge. Visits should be done during the day and if the person shows no interest offer to leave brochures or your business card behind.

  • Familiarize yourself with your industry

For you to succeed as a salesperson, you must learn and understand what your field entails. Search online, go through your company’s vision and mission or talk to electricians and installers to gain an understanding of the industry.

Also, know why people should switch to solar energy. Learn what other competitors are doing and use that information to improve your marketing strategies.

Understand the factors that may affect the effectiveness of solar electricity including the number of sunny days in the area, the direction of sunlight, and closeness to the trees. You must be honest with your clients when conducting home assessments because not all homes are feasible with solar electricity.

  • Social media channels

Social media marketing is currently one of the most sought-after marketing strategies by sales agents. Almost everyone today is on social media.

Make use of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter among others. You can easily promote your products and services on this platform to prospective buyers.

Customize and appreciate speedy feedback to their post comments on your page. Your chances of making sales will be much higher if you interact more with your customers. Read more here

  • Identify needs clearly

A good sales agent should do more listening than talking. Identify your customer’s needs first before you proceed to close the deal.

Most people are not aware of the benefits of this source of energy and that’s why they act uninterested or say they can’t afford it. Start by asking questions about their situation with their current energy source and explain to them how your products can help solve those needs.

The more you open up to your prospective clients the more they get to understand why they need your products. In the end, you end up closing deals and making more sales.


  • Ask for referrals and resales

Referrals and resales are key to the success of any professional. Because they connect with thousands of people daily, they are most likely to get referrals from customers they have worked with before.

When the services provided are good, customers tend to come back or recommend other potential buyers. The most profitable businesses are those that invest a lot in customer satisfaction with hopes that they’ll come again or refer new customers to their business.


  • Answer objections effectively

Not everyone will share your goals and objectives. You will come across so many objections on your way. A good agent must know how to respond to objections accordingly and most logically.

Make a list of all the objections you have come across, then develop smart answers to each one of them. It takes courage to compete in the world of business so you must always be prepared if your goal is to succeed.

  • Follow your leaders

Following what other successful people are doing to remain at the top is also a key to success. Visit their website and identify their pattern and use that information to improve your own.

As with any other profession, if you want your business to succeed, befriend top earners and imitate their moves. Find out more about their philosophies, attitudes, and approaches. Lastly, don’t shy from asking them for advice.

  • Focus on the Right Leads

When you focus on the potential customer only, you end up saving more time and money. Well, we don’t mean you disregard other clients, but it’s good to give priorities to those that are a perfect fit for your business.

First things first know who your target audience is. As mentioned, not all homes are feasible for solar installation so if you focus more on those that are, you tend to close more deals and make more wins. Click here to learn more.


For one to be a successful salesperson they have to familiarize themselves with their industry. You can’t go around selling products that you know nothing about. When you are an expert, it becomes easier to convince potential buyers to buy from you. Social media optimization is also another good marketing strategy used by top professionals. When you interact directly with different people on Facebook, you are most likely to meet prospective buyers and seal more deals. In addition to this, get to know exactly what your customers need.

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