Things You Need To Know About Wire EDM

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Things You Need To Know About Wire EDM


Wire for Electric Discharge When you talk about “Wire EDM,” you don’t know much about it. Wire EDM has been around for a long time, but it isn’t used as much as CNC machining. This leaves many engineers with questions about this technology.

If you’re not sure about Wire EDM, don’t rule it out of your machining options just yet! When you have questions about CNCLATHING’s Wire EDM service, we’re here to help!

In this case, what is Wire EDM?

Also called “spark machine” or wire burning, wire EDM machining is a metal fabrication process that uses electricity to remove material very precisely from a piece of metal. The process starts with a metal part being put in the machine and a wire that does the cutting moving through it. There is a wire submerged in the metal, and an electric current runs through it. Sparks are made, which remove and shape the metal.


EDM is different from other machining processes because it doesn’t put as much stress on a part. This reduces the risk of metal distortion and makes cleaner, smoother products. Furthermore, it can cut through any material that is electrically conductive, no matter how hard it is.

Wire EDM is a process that uses electricity to make metal parts.


What else can Wire EDM do?

  1. How thick can you cut the material?

While most EDM machines can only cut materials up to about 8″ thick, Arbiser Machine’s high-tech machines can cut materials up to almost 15.75″ thick.


  1. What can you cut with?

We can cut anything that can be charged with electricity, like: Inconel, titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, carbide, and more.


  1. How good is Wire EDM?

This means that our EDM machines have a positioning and contour accuracy of +/- 2 microns (0.00008″), which means that they are more accurate than we can measure.


  1. Can it make a smooth surface with Wire EDM?

This is how we cut: rough, finish and surface finish. With polish passes, we can get down to Ra 0.08m for many materials, which means we don’t need to do any more finishing work. Eventually, you’ll have a finish that’s very smooth at a microscopic level. (With more work, we can get a mirror finish of 2 in.)


  1. How much can you cut?

X, Y, and Z travels of 23.62, 13.77, and 15.75 inches can be used to cut parts.


  1. How many parts can you make at a time?

Our 3R tooling allows us to make multiple parts at the same time, depending on how big they are. This allows us to load multiple jobs into the machine at the same time. We can also stack parts on top of each other and drop a wire down the same path, so we can pull 16, 20, or even 40 pieces out at once with a single cut.


  1. How much does Wire EDM cost?

There’s a myth that Wire EDM is very expensive. This is true: When it’s used correctly, spark machining can make the most complicated parts for a good price.

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