How to Monitor Your Employee’s Facebook Activity Using a Facebook Spy App?

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Business owners are sometimes helpless when it comes to employee management. Small business owners are always striving to avoid overheads. They tend to cut the cost and improve productivity. But it’s a very hard job to do. But, most of the employees are not workaholics. They are always in search of excuses for not doing their jobs. Sometimes employees use the company resources for their personal gains. They do not take care of losses. This cat and mouse play is there for a long time.

Business owners should be strict in these matters for successful business growth. But they also have a limit. They do not have 100 eyes to check each and everything happening around them. They cannot stay in the office 24/7 watching the employees. The employees sitting in his cube in front of the PC might be using Facebook. This is time wastage if the Facebook usage is not work related. Here are two scenarios.


  • Either the Facebook activity is work related.
  • Or the Facebook activity is of personal nature.


In both cases, the employer needs to know the exact situation. If employees are doing official work on Facebook, then what is the guarantee that they are only doing office work? There is a solution to both problems. The solution is to use a best Facebook spy app. The app will tracks the activities of the employee on Facebook and sends the results to the owner.

There are many social media spy apps that can address the above problem. Employers can install the spy apps can on company owned devices. The app will track the activities of an employee on Facebook and send data to the business owner. This usage data helps the employer to make better policies for Facebook usage. If Facebook, then the app will notify the owner if there is any Facebook activity on company owned device. You can also spy on the other social media apps using snapchat spy app, whatsapp spy app, telegram spy app, imo spy app, and etc.

If the business is on Facebook, then the app will track all the activities on Facebook. The business owner can then analyze the data and point out if there is any irrelevant usage of Facebook. This data inform the owners about the behavior of the employees with the clients. All this data from spy app helps in making new policies for employees

Many best Facebook spy apps are available in the market. The owner can pick and choose according to his requirements. Below is a quick guide to how to install and use the best Facebook spy app on company owned devices?


Choose a good app

The internet is full of applications which claim to do Facebook spy. But not all of them are experts. The business owner has to do research and give this search a little time. The user should compare the price plans, reliability, and customer care efficiency. A wise selection will save money and give satisfaction the the user.

Subscription and Installation method

A reputable app should have a descriptive website. The websites contain all information about subscription and installation processes. The user must have one time access to the target device to install the app. The price ranges are different for different apps. The user must also select the subscription which is monthly, bi annually, and annually. It depends on the need of the user.

Monitoring Platform

The information from the target device is available in an online web portal. The portal can be accessible from anywhere using the credentials that come with the app. The portal is a monitoring environment and is accessible via a web browser. Users can spy on multiple devices in the same online web portal.


Facebook spy app activity is a good way to increase the efficiency of the employees. This will also enable business owners to stop time wastage during office hours. These monitoring apps also contain a lot of other features. Which are quite handy in monitoring employee’s activities during office hours? These spy apps help small business owners to sit in their offices and keep an eye on the employees.


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