6 Phenomenal iOS Games That You Need to Play

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6 Phenomenal iOS Games That You Need to Play

The Apple iOS App Store is flooded with all kinds of crazy mobile games. Whether you are into adventure, shooter, puzzle, or pretty much any other genre, you can find an addictive game to play instantaneously.

However, when you dive into the limitless virtual universe that is App Store, you might find it hard to choose the right game to download, since everyone is claiming to offer the best. That is why we thought to assist you by bringing the most entertaining mobile games that the iOS App Store has to offer.

But before we tell you about all of them, you need to get your hands on the most reliable internet connection imaginable. This is because most of them will require you to stay online to play. So, make sure to check out the AT&T internet deals for your connectivity needs. After that, check out these amazing games below:

AFK Arena

AFK Arena is an exceptional RPG (Role Playing Game) that is filled with excitement and thrill. The game offers more than a hundred powerful heroes that belong to seven different factions. It will be your job to pick the best heroes from factions of your choosing to assemble an invincible team of warriors.

The game offers several playable modes and features, and the best of them all is that your progress does not come to a halt when you log off. In fact, it keeps on moving forward for you to resume the action when you hop back online.

Coin Master

If you find yourself lying lazily on a Sunday afternoon, then Coin Master is the game that can help pass the time. Designed to be played on iPad, the game lets you join millions from all over the globe and establish your own Viking village.

Throughout the game, you will need to build strong structures, attack nearby villages, raid those villages, and at the same time, keep your own village safe from looters and raiders. Even though the game is free to play, there are some in-game purchases that make the game way more exciting.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley proves to be a unique puzzle quest that has also received the Apple Game of the Year Award in 2014. In the game, you need to guide your character princess through a series of confusing architectures while taking advantage of the weird functions in the structure.

The aim of the game is to help Princess Ida pass through each level as she attempts to sneak past the Crow People and overcome all the hurdles and optical illusions that each level has to offer. Despite the game being a paid one, it offers numerous exciting perks that make it well worth the purchase.

Reigns: Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones® was a TV show that took over mainstream media instantly. Every TV watcher from all across the globe was seen discussing the plot and cliffhangers of the show with their friends almost daily.

Thus, this game perfectly fits this list as it brings forth Westeros, Sothoryos, and Essos into the palm of your hands. The game features the dynamics as that of Tinder, where your every swipe decides the fate of your kingdom. So, if you think you should sit on the Iron Throne instead of Cersei, Jon Snow, or Daenerys Targaryen, then this is the game for you.


Are you tired of playing scripted stories that almost every game has to offer? Well, Roblox offers something slightly different. Here, you get to create the perfect virtual experience as you join millions of players from all over the world and engage in almost any kind of digital activity imaginable. The best part about this game is it supports cross-platform compatibility, so if you and your friends are playing on different platforms, you will still be able to tag along on the journey.

Final Fantasy VII

After experiencing massive success on the PC games, the developers thought to bring the experience to mobiles in this RPG. The game features an exciting storyline, numerous gaming modes, and a feature that lets you speed up the boring parts of the game by up to three times. Not to mention that there are some pretty cool characters in the game that you can control as well.

All in All

This is only the tip of the iceberg when talking about phenomenal iOS games to play. While you enjoy the games discussed above, we shall gather other new titles for your pleasure.

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