5 Tips for Creating Awesome Corporate Videos

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It is a strenuous task to make engaging corporate videos when you have to compete against several other distractions like web content, smartphones, etc. Several companies make a rookie mistake of curating mundane and strictly professional videos. It is easy for such type of content to get lost in the sea of other regular and boring corporate videos. Business owners should ensure to work on the entertainment factor of the video to gain more views. This article is a guide that contains all the essential tips you will need to create great corporate videos for your company. Before we get on with it, here are few benefits of corporate videos.

Advantages of a Corporate Video

Corporate videos play a significant role in boosting the sales of a company. It is used in advertising campaigns, creating brand awareness, providing instructions and training to the employees, etc. Studies and research have previously confirmed that humans remember 20% of what they read and 80% of what they see. Thus, making corporate videos is a necessity for your firm. Below are some perks of curating corporate videos for your firm.

Explanatory videos

Human resource is perhaps the most crucial resource of an organization. Business owners cannot afford to waste time and money by appointing an employee to read out or explain basic instructions. Instead of hours of self-reading or listening to lectures from a trainer, one can watch corporate videos to get all the essential information and training in a few minutes. Videos have the power to explain complicated processes and data in a simplified manner, making it easy to comprehend by your employees and stakeholders.

SEO ranking

Videos are the best way to increase your SEO ranking. Google especially considers video as a critical ranking factor while assessing the SEO of a website. People are quick to Google to search for information, verify the legitimacy of a company, learn how to do things, etc. Thus, they wouldn’t want to spend considerable time on all the things mentioned above when they get the same knowledge by watching a short video. It not only cuts downtime but increases the convenience for the audience. This is one of the reasons why search engines like Google prefer video over written text when giving you a higher SEO rank.

Enhances Recall Value

The primary aim of corporate videos is to create an impressionable impact on the viewer’s mind. After watching a video, they should remember the brand’s services, message, and much more. It is not possible to create the same effect with images or text. Audio-visual content is easily shareable and facilitates brands to spread a powerful message that the viewers can recall later. This will lead to word-of-mouth advertising, an effective form of marketing.

 Five Tips to Create Corporate Videos

1. Focus on Emotions

It is difficult to form an online emotional bond with a customer when most of their buying decisions are based on emotions. Companies resort to corporate videos to the same. That’s why it’s vital to humanize your videos by including components that appeal to the customer’s emotions. Adding too much corporate jargon and facts makes the video too analytical and dull. Try explaining why consumers need your product, how to decide if the product is right for them, etc. It will definitely grab the attention of your consumers and make them intrigued about your brand or product.

 2. Keep Your Script Concise

The universal thumb rule of video scriptwriting is- less is more. This means the shorter your script is, the better video production quality and performance will be. It is tempting to include all sorts of possible information in your writing. However, it is crucial to remember to add only absolute essential and relevant information in the script. There is no point in stretching out data that can be summarized in a line or two. Shorter videos made with the help of a reputable video editor tool also help maintain the customer’s attention as they tend to have a short attention span.

  1. Tell a Story

Storytelling is a vitally important component of digital marketing strategies. It gives your company power and asserts your importance in their daily lives. There’s no better way to implement storytelling than through a video. A whole story includes:

A character (your customer/client) > Has a difficulty > Needs help/guide (your brand) > who gives them a solution > solves all of their issues > success. Follow this format to create an interactive and efficient storytelling video to boost your corporate marketing and advertising initiatives.

 4. Production team

Hiring the appropriate people to carry out the task of creating an impeccable corporate video can be tedious. The candidates need to have sufficient experience in the field, know how to use all the equipment optimally, be punctual with the given deadlines, and more. During the hiring process, screen the interviewee to assess if they have the skills to generate compelling videos with high production value for your brand. Don’t hesitate to expand your production team or invest in an effective video editor tool. In the long run, it is a worthwhile investment.

  1. Customize Your Video to a Preferred Platform

Different platforms have different formatting styles and criteria. Brands undermine the effect of not considering external factors like this while curating a video. To ensure you get the most of the corporate video, you need to tailor it according to your chosen platform. For instance, Instagram reels require vertical videos of not more than 7-15 seconds. Thus, there is no point in creating a horizontal video of one minute that doesn’t fit the given requirements. Meticulously research these social media platforms to find out the criteria so you can tailor your video to accommodate them accordingly.


Corporate video production and marketing are vast topics to cover, and this article barely touches its surface. The tips included above are recommendations and prominent pieces of advice given by pioneers in the marketing and advertising world. Hopefully, you will be able to utilize some or all of these tips in the future to enhance your skills and deliver top-notch level performance.


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