Top 5 reasons to study mbbs in bangladesh

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Medical students from all around the world prefer philippine, russia, europe for bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery (MBBS). But Bangladesh is now the new destination for medical students from all around the world to study MBBS. Bangladesh is known as a decent country for students from other countries. Medical students choose bangladesh medical universities to study MBBS and start a global medical career. MBBS in Bangladesh is considered to be the best option because of its quality of education.

Nowadays, medical students from different countries prefer to study MBBS in bangladesh medical university. It is popular especially amongst Indians, bhutanese, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Nepalis, Maldivians, Malaysians and medical students from all other neighbouring and developing countries.   Bachelor of medicine and surgery. Bangladesh medical universities have ranked 2nd for the bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery in the world.

Indian medical students highly prefer bangladesh for their further higher studies in the field of medical science because of many reasons such as similar culture, neighbouring country, similar food, affordable cost. Therefore most of the Indian medical students take admission in Bangladesh Medical university. But apart from Indian medical students, medical students from many countries take admission for MBBS in bangladesh medical university.


Reasons to study MBBS in bangladesh


  1. Recognised from international health organizations : Bangladesh medical universities are recognised by many international organizations such as menial council of india and world health organization. Also these medical universities are government approved universities. The advantage of pursuing MBBS from a recognised medical university is that it approves you to pursue medical study or approves you for an MBBS degree. The aproovation or recognition from recognised organisations of medical universities make medical students’ degrees valid globally. It helps in pursuing higher education in other countries or doing a job or practicing medicine in your home country as well as in other countries legally.


  1. Affordable fees and other accommodation: Bangladesh medical universities offer affordable fees for medical students from their country as well as overseas medical students. Other countries offer such a huge price for medical students of other countries. It made medical students hesitant to take MBBS admission in other countries but Bangladesh medical universities offer such a low cost with best accommodation and best quality education. The other expenses are also low in Bangladesh such as renting an apartment, food, books, traveling and many other things. The main advantage under affordable fees is that medical students can pay their fees at one time or in multiple installments. According to the rules,regulations and procedure of the concerned university as every university has a different procedure of payments. Therefore, it is said that Bangladesh medical universities have a very flexible fee structure for overseas students.


  1. Excellent exposure to clinical diagnosis: One of the main reasons to choose bangladesh a destination and bangladesh medical universities to study MBBS because of the great exposure to clinical diagnosis offered by bangladesh medical universities. It is well known to medical students from all around the world that how essential is the perfect training in a medical career, a small mistake can lead to a huge disaster. And if you are from a tropical country like India then your country has the highest tendency to receive the largest outburst of disease in their country. To eliminate these kinds of things or diseases one must prepare oneself to give medical aid to the needy person at that time..perfect training is only possible when the medical students get correct exposure or chance to treat various types of diseases. Because each treatment differs from each other. One cannot apply the same procedure in each surgery or treatment. To understand this carefully, students should get correct exposure and attention in every movement they do in their practical session. Thus, these medical universities have a structured method of training to quality or to make medical students efficient. This facility  is only available in Bangladesh medical universities and this is how Bangladesh Medical Universities differ from medical universities of different countries.


  1. Quality of food, transport and other accommodation facilities: Bangladesh may be small compared to many other countries. But it is well connected with many countries through railways, roadways, airways and waterways. It is the best thing that you can consider while taking admission in a medical university abroad. The easy availability of transport made it easy for overseas medical students to visit their home country during holidays or in some kind of emergency.


Other than transport, the main thing that medical students have to consider is food. It is  very essential to have a balanced diet when you are living alone in another country and you have to do everything else on your own. Then there are many countries which don’t have any facility to provide international food for students on a daily basis, thus, students have to consider this factor during taking admission. Bangladesh medical universities provide this facility as it provides Indian cuisine that includes vegetarian food, non vegetarian food, north indian food, north eastern food and south indian food as well.

Then comes to accommodation facilities, unlike other countries, it gives a very flexible choice to medical students who comes from other countries to pursue MBBS from bangladesh medical university such as if students want to live in hostel then it gives all the necessary and required amenities to students which include bed, bedsheet, wardrobe, study table, chair, book shelf, bathroom attached with each room. Students have been given a choice if they want to live in 1/2/3 set rooms. The cost is according to the choice of the rooms and if they want to live in private apartments then you can get cheap apartments near universities as these are mainly for students coming from other places.


  1. Medium of instruction: There are many countries which provide study or their whole curriculum of MBBS only in their countries language which makes it difficult to understand the whole concept for medical students from other counties. This a very major issue comes from medical students pursuing MBBS from abroad. But Bangladeshi medical universities made English their official language, professors and lecturers must speak English well so that overseas students do not face any problem in understanding the whole concept. They have also prepared the curriculum in the English language. It made it easy for Students from other countries to adapt easily in the new environment.



Thus, Bangladesh medical universities are considered to be one of the favourite destinations to study MBBS. Most of the indian students take admission in bangladesh medical universities. Despite having a small country it is already an appreciation for Bangladesh to give such an excellent opportunity for medical students from all around the world.



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