What is the Agile Method?

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The Agile method is geared toward providing the fastest and least problematic solutions to both employees and customers. The basic idea behind this technique is to break down the innovations to be implemented into small updates that will ensure business continuity and reduce the risk of large errors. Where does this method come from and what is Agile about?

Agile methodology – what is it?

The definition of the Agile method originated relatively recently, in the twentieth century, and was initially referred primarily to the IT industry and related technological developments. The technique was particularly relevant to IT, as the traditional methods used previously did not work well in this industry, as sometimes the finished product (software or application), once created and handed over to the client, was simply outdated.

Today, this concept applies to a much wider range of industries and helps to manage projects more quickly and efficiently. In the most simplistic terms, the Agile methodology can be described as managing activities over several iterative steps.

How do you introduce the Agile method?

There are 5 basic steps in the Agile method that are crucial to the smooth and safe execution of projects that carry particularly high risk:

  1. Planning – with this step, it is easier to imagine achieving the goal. Before we start work, it is necessary to plan the entire process carefully in consultation with the client, to whom the final product of the activities will go;
  2. Designing – once the relevant information on how the project will be carried out has been gathered, it is possible to define the various stages of the project, as well as to indicate what resources will be required to produce the final product;
  3. Programming – this is the actual creation of the entire project based on the resources as well as the information gathered;
  4. Testing – the finished product should be checked and tested before being handed over to the client;
  5. Implementation – the testing phase is followed by the implementation of the finished solution at the client.

The Agile method – its advantages and disadvantages

Like any operating technique, the Agile methodology (you can find out more at: https://bluesoft.com/competence/agile/) also has its advantages and disadvantages. Among the biggest advantages of this solution are:

– high efficiency of activities planned with the Agile method,

– independence of the team,

– short project times,

– optimal information flow,

– cost minimization.

Although the number of advantages of the Agile method is large, this does not mean that it is completely free of disadvantages. The downsides of this operating technique are:

– lack of immunity to staff changes (the need to cyclically introduce new employees prolongs project implementation) and the assumption that the entire team will be highly involved in the project,

– the inapplicability of this technique to projects, where there is no room for change should the need arise.

As you can see, the Agile method is an effective solution, but we need to meet certain conditions for the project to run smoothly.

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