How to choose the right work trousers for you

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Buying new work trousers sounds like a simple thing. However, there are several things you need to consider before purchasing them. So, to help you, we will look at the main things your work trousers have to offer – comfort, safety, durability, and convenience – and how to choose the right black work trousers for you and your needs.


The right black work trousers will help with comfort – freedom of movement and environmental comfort. To attain the correct level of comfort in your black work trousers you need to consider the following:

  • Fit – slim, classic, or relaxed (loose)
  • Fabric – lightweight, breathable, strong

If you are constantly bending over or kneeling each day, then you’ll need black work trousers that allow free movement and are not restrictive. When you work in the sun, you’ll need fabric that can breathe, and if you are in the cold, fabric with thermal properties would be best. So, consider your preferences in the fit of your black work trousers, but most of all, consider the needs of your job.


Again, this is a consideration of your needs rather than based on your preferences. Are you working somewhere where high visibility is a must or where flame-retardant black work trousers are necessary? You may need anti-static or waterproof material to make your job safer. Always check your industry standards to ensure your black work trousers comply with safety requirements. Remember, safety trumps always comfort, but with the right black work trousers, you can have both.


This category comes down to the materials used and the overall quality of the black work trousers. Think of it this way, lightweight cotton work trousers, even though it may be good quality, won’t be as durable for a welder as perhaps canvas or denim work trousers would be. So again, you must consider your job and what your black work trousers must endure. The overall quality of the product, though, is shown by the stitching and how well they are manufactured.


Now, we can look at the extra features you want to make your day easier and to have your black work trousers work for you. For example, you might want extra pockets or detachable pockets. You may want to be able to add knee protection, or you might prefer shorts instead of long black work trousers. Whatever you want, check out different brands and see what features they offer, then buy them from a reputable dealer like RS.

Even though there are plenty of options for black work trousers, choosing the right ones comes down to comfort, safety, durability, and convenience. Start by considering your job and any workwear safety mandates, then move on to your comfort, the fit, the convenience the black work trousers provide, and their durability. If you need help, try contacting the team at RS for some advice on choosing the right black work trousers for you.

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