Shine up your little one’s birthday with a cute personalized miniature gift

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When it’s your little one’s birthday, you must plan something unique for him/her. A birthday is the most special day in your kid’s daily mundane lifestyle. Spice it up with surprise gifts, parties, exotic foods and a lot of amazing events.

We know what you are thinking! It’s all about a special birthday gift! Well, thousands of amazing birthday gifts you will get once searched through the popular online gift portals. But if you want to buy a unique one, we have the best suggestion for you. Get something from the wide array of personalized gifts available online. 

These are particularly created for the recipients themselves. So, everyone can identify with such gifts. Try the same with your lovely kids too. Among all the available personalized gift options, miniature or caricature gifts are one of the most popular options that kids love. 

What is a personalized miniature gift?

A miniature bobblehead is a tiny 3D doll or statue. It is hand-sculpted and hand-painted by personalizing artists. To personalize the doll, you need to provide a front-facing photograph of your kid. In the statue, a big replica head is created from the photograph and it is mounted on a spring to bobble smoothly upon the slightest touch. The body is mounted on a sturdy base to be placed securely on the selves or racks. On the base, you can add some more personalized messages, birth dates or nicknames etc. 

A personalized miniature model will be made with premium quality material and will have a smooth finish. Most of the dolls come in a height of around 8 inches. You will receive premium breakage-proof packaging if you place an online order. 

Now, celebrate your kid’s hidden talent with such an amazing miniature bobblehead doll. Whatever outfit you will choose, the personalizing artist will do the same for you. It could be a singer, dancer, master chef, sportsperson, and writer – anything you wish for your little one. 

You need a higher budget for the bobblehead miniature dolls compared to the other personalized gifts. Rs. 3000-4000 needed to be spent here. So, if you are comfortable with that, buy a miniature gift.

What is the difference between miniature and caricature gifts?

What if you don’t afford a higher amount of money? Well, don’t worry! We still have a nice suggestion for you. Buy a caricature gift for your kid’s birthday. It comes in the form of 2D and is strongly attached to a wooden or metallic base. 

Buy caricatures online that come with a colour-printed, premium-quality black hardboard. The raw material is eco-friendly and glossy in finish. Vibrant ink is used to print the photo caricatures. You should provide a beautiful photograph of your child to create the caricature.

Usually, most caricature gifts come in the size of 7 inches that can be easily placed on desks or shelves.

You will get them available online at Rs 700. They are pocket-friendly. Anyone can afford such personalized gifts. Trust us, your little one will display your gift happily in front of her friends.

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