Diablo 2 Resurrected: Everything You Should Know About The Amazon

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In Diablo 2 Resurrected the Amazon warrior, this powerful lady, only knew that she originated from nomadic people who lived on a huge plain near the southern coast. Nomadic warriors developed strong neutral personalities and physical capabilities to battle and travel in hard environments as a result of their experience in constant warfare between tribes. Using bows and arrows against her foes is a skill she has developed through time. Spear and other throwing weapons are no problem for her. She’s also capable of fighting without powerful Diablo 2 Resurrected items.

Description of responsibilities of Amazon In Diablo 2 Resurrected:

Amazonian female warriors are expert archers who use bows, arrows, and spears as their primary weapons of war. Their primary weapon is the bow and arrow, which they often wield in the rear row. Because javelin weapons may be hurled as well as used for long-range assault, Amazon is equally adept at close quarters warfare as they are at long range. They have considerable influence. They’re good for long and short distances, but there are a lot of drawbacks as well. However, according to the author’s tests, Amazon’s total melee ability is not as powerful as that of a barbarian or a paladin. It’s best to give up Spear Abilities and focus on bow and arrow skills, which are capable of winning more than 100 feet in the air. As a result, if you go with Amazon, you should focus more on long-range assault.

Benefits of having a certain role:

There are a number of magic arrows that Amazon may employ, but it prefers to remain a safe distance from the opponent most of the time. Ice arrows and guided arrows are two examples of magic arrows that always do harm if they reach their target. A single target isn’t the only thing that can be attacked with a bow and arrow strike. As an example, a player with multiple shot ability may fire a high number of bows and arrows simultaneously. Fighting a large number of adversaries is quite beneficial. Using the strafe ability, a player may fire ten successive bows and arrows at many targets at once.

Amazon is also able to evade strikes from the adversary. These abilities enable Amazon to evade a wide spectrum of opposing weaponry, including hand-to-hand and long-range. Amazon has two crucial abilities that may enhance the potency and efficiency of an assault. For example, a critical strike has a certain chance to double its attack power; Penerate can greatly increase attack rating and improve the hit rate. Amazon can learn skills when it is at level 30. A Valkyrie may be summoned to aid the necromancer in the area that can be seen in the image, removing him from his position quickly. In fact, the main purpose is to let Valkyrie come out as a meat mat and shoot hard in the back row. When Valkyrie’s blood supply is low, just call on her again. Almost indestructible if you have this talent.

Amazon’s bows and arrows don’t need to be repaired, which is also one of its advantages. If you use other classes and a round of melee, there are not many weapons left.

Role weaknesses:

Archers need to bring bows and arrows, which takes up a lot of space. This is Amazon’s biggest headache. A bag of arrows or bolts will take up 3 spaces of the backpack. Moreover, it is normal to bring two or three bags of arrows to deal with a large number of enemies. Compared with that, the space of the backpack is less invisible, and the space of the backpack often needs to be adjusted when picking up Diablo 2 items.

It’s best to learn only one kind of melee or long-range attack. Why? Bows and arrows take up a lot of space, and the javelin also takes up a lot of space. Don’t forget that when you use javelin in melee, you often take another shield in your hand. Amazon, which has short blood and low protection, often can’t get a bargain when you go to melee. If you want to take javelin, you can’t lose a few shots, because the number of javelins is usually only about 30 or 40, and it’s used up after a few shots, If you bring a few more, it takes up too much space, and at the beginning of the game, javelin’s price is high, and ordinary people are more unlikely to want to lose money.

If you still want javelin to match with bows and arrows, it can only be said that you can’t get along with your own backpack. Amazon is more difficult to control bow and arrow attacks, because it often needs to use all kinds of magic arrows together, plus playing with running, in order to attack the enemy most effectively. Therefore, it must set up weapon hotkeys like playing FPS games to switch magic arrows in time and be quite skilled in moving and static shooting, otherwise one will rush into the enemy’s encirclement accidentally. For example: first, use the multiple shot in the random attack to shoot at the rushing enemy. Their attack will be delayed a little. Immediately freeze the enemy in front with an ice arrow, and then release a rocket. Ice and fire five days, yeah! Another multiple shot, thousands of arrows through the heart, instant solution, it’s perfect!

It’s also a disadvantage that mana is extremely expensive. Maybe you think Amazon just needs to shoot an arrow. Shouldn’t it use too much mana? In fact, ordinary bows and arrows may be useful for dealing with small monsters in the previous levels. Once you encounter a hard-skinned leader or small leader monster, or a monster in the water level, unless your attack rating is very high (thousands), ordinary bows and arrows are not easy to hit, and it is best to rely on the Magic Arrow that must hit! Amazon consumes mana like drinking water when fast magic arrows are fired.

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