NBA 2K22: How To Earn Virtual Currency Quickly?

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NBA 2K22: How To Earn Virtual Currency Quickly?

Without virtual currency, you won’t get very far at NBA 2K22. The money is coveted and difficult to get hold of, which is why we show you tricks and ways to top up your account. In addition to the usual options, you can also farm VC in other ways.

In no other title in the series was VC similar to the NBA 2K22 MT as relevant as in NBA 2K22. Regardless of whether you just want to set up your home or improve your stats – everything is done with the virtual currency, which is why the handling has also come under strong criticism from the players. Fortunately, there are some ways and means to get the coveted currency quickly. Those who do not want to rely on popular games, which are dependent on performance and difficulty, are well served with these options.

Farm VC in MyCareer

A simple and well-known and productive way is through the pick-up games in the park or through games in the NBA. With your self-created player, you have the option of at least 500 VC per activity. Also keep an eye on your player’s cell phone. Under goals you can start various quests related to your manager, who lures you with contracts and sponsoring from reliable NBA 2K MT store. This method requires a little more patience, but is also worthwhile in the end.

Use MeineLiga for VC

Time is money and that’s why you should take the opportunity to use the time in your favor. In MeineLiga you can simulate an entire NBA season and bring in a lot of gravel. How it works? Very easily:

  • Go to the normal season in MeineLiga and choose one of the strongest teams, for example Cleveland.
  • Set the duration of a quarter to 12 minutes in the MyLeague settings.
  • In the next step you set the game speed to 100.
  • Simulate the game and cancel the simulation shortly before the end of the 4th quarter.
  • Now end the last quarter manually.

By manually ending the game, you get the full portion of VC. Of course, you miss out on the fun of the game itself. But there is a quick way to get hold of the virtual currency.

MyNBA2K22 app for extra cash

Even though you can’t start real games on the smartphone app, there are still a few options that increase your chance of VC:

  • Playing cards is a great way to get hold of Virtual Currency on a daily basis.
  • Use the registration bonus! There are 100 VCs per daily registration, just like that.
  • In the normal game flow of NBA 2K22 you can bet on games and improve your account.

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