NBA 2K22 MyTeam & MyCareer Guide – New Changes & Gameplay

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NBA2K22 will be slightly different in the MyCareer and MyTeam modes of this generation and the next generation, so what are the contents of these two modes? AOEAH.COM shared the next generation& current generation of NBA2K22 MC/MT gameplay overview, hope it will be helpful to everyone.


MYTEAM·Major Changes on Current Gen/Next Gen

  1. New draft mode, similar to the NBA 2K17 playoff card pack, but not exactly the same. Simply put, players are selected from the random pool to compete online to obtain corresponding rewards after paying admission tickets.
  2. The current elimination method of Triple Threats Online is no longer a win-loss game, but an end by throwing 100 points.
  3. The tasks and challenges are much richer than last year. The existing tasks and challenges are really dazzling. It is estimated that the liver emperors will be able to get 77 all night this weekend.
  4. Added some icing on the cake, such as the scoring system, player flash cards, and shoe card customization.
  5. There is a big difference between the player cards in the initial stage of this year and previous years, that is, both retired players and current players can be opened, but the quality of the player cards is of course not high.
  6. Changes such as player card face design and package opening animation.


New Interface·Homepage

The overall module design of the new interface homepage has not changed much from last year. You can still see some season-level content and news, and the UI inside is basically completely replaced. In addition, this year’s locker code input location is in the fantasy team community center in the lower right corner of the homepage. After entering, click the green box of the locker code in the lower left corner to see the previous input interface. The ultimate reward for the first week of the big turntable is the purple Hachimura.


Single-Player Game

NBA 2K22’s stand-alone challenge, in addition to the continuation of last year’s stand-alone three threats (300 wins rewarded Diamond Ron Boone) and Domination Tournament (currently open two rounds, the final reward diamond Bob Cousy), a total of 20 games opened on the first day The spotlight (reward consumables), 1 sign (drilling shoe bag), 9 skill challenges (badge bag, theme package), after completing these challenges and tasks, you can also get drill 77 fragments.

This signature challenge is the same as NBA 2K21. My personal suggestion is that it must be defeated every season. The requirements are not high and the rewards are good. Of course, the single-machine wasteland reclamation three threats and dominance competitions are still indispensable.


Multiplayer Game

The multiplayer game modes include draft, three-threat hundred-point battle, infinite game, limited time game and fun. The newly added, or the retrieved draft module, is very suitable for players who don’t want to re-krypton, but want to practice skills, and the lineup will not be too far apart.

This year’s Infinity Tournament system still uses last year’s level climb, but the rewards of the first season are still very attractive, the pink diamonds are handsome. The reward for the first season of the limited time match is Pink Diamond Booker.

In addition to rewards in various online competitions, there will also be some simple Doncic shard missions. In theory, friends with fast livers, playing single player and online, should be able to get this diamond 77 this weekend.



Card Pack Market

The content of the NBA 2K22 card pack market has not changed from previous years. It is still the ordinary market and the token market. At present, there is a theme package and a regular alliance packin the market.

The theme pack can be opened for the players above Amethyst: Purple Angelo Russell, Dr. Purple J, Purple Thunder Allen, Diamond Deron and Diamond Shark, and all the card packs are rewarded as Diamond Danny Granger.

At present, in addition to the player card with the highest quality pink diamonds, there is also a 1 token sneaker on the market.


Auction House

The opening conditions of the NBA 2K22 auction house are relatively simple, just collect 30 cards, just play a few games or open two packages to start.


NBA 2K22 MyTeam

NBA 2K22 has two minor feature updates brought together in this section of my team.

The card scoring is roughly introduced by submitting some player cards and MT points to the system for scoring. The system will return the player card to this position after random scoring. After everyone retrieves the player card, a score will appear on the top of the player. You can get more NBA 2K22 MT by playing games.

The new sneaker function is actually a bit cumbersome. The sneaker card is divided into two parts: the sneaker card and the attribute card. You need to add the attribute card to the sneaker in the sneaker laboratory to have the corresponding effect.


MyCareer·Next Generation

The city of the next generation of basketball has not changed much from last year, and it is still four blocks.

The next-generation modeling interface has slightly changed from last year.

The next generation can choose to enter the G League or university development.


MyCareer ·Current Generation

The overall design of the entry page for this generation is relatively comfortable.

The options page is shared by the current generation from generation to generation, and the content inside is basically the same.

This generation of modeling still uses the old version.

Remember to turn on the subtitles before the plot begins.

This generation does not have the option of the G alliance, and will directly enter the university. On the cruise ship, you can choose to enter the number of layers, but each layer is relatively narrow, and it seems that it is not possible to go to the shore at present. More detailed MC content editor will also be released in the next few days.

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