NASA Makes an Interesting Discovery about Claw of God 

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Space Has Always Been a Mystery for Man

Man has always been very curious about astronomical bodies, planets, asteroids, space, and solar system. He continuously endeavoured to unravel the secrets of things like Saturn’s rings, black hole, and claw of God. In the last seventy years, the space technology has reached to unprecedented height. He has successfully sent man to the moon, and will very soon send a similar mission to Mars.

He built a space station thirty years back, and recently even space tourism began. However, there are still certain things that need to be explored. NASA, the premier American organization that stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration said that the claw of God which has been roaming in space for last 1700 years is coming to an end.

The ‘Claw of God’ is visible in the space for many years. But NASA only recently revealed details of its actual size and main features. It also shared its pictures on its Instagram account. They used highly sophisticated cameras to take these pictures. In some pictures, the hand looks yellow in color, while in other, it seems blue. At the same time, some pictures are also blurred and in few of them, the light appears to be coming from inside the claw.


What is ‘Claw of God’ and How Was it Formed? 

NASA published two pictures of ‘Claw of God’s on their Instagram page where it received more than twenty four thousand likes. However, it published multiple pictures on their website of NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. It appears as if these claw-shaped clouds were formed as a result of explosion in a star. It is called ‘Claw of God’ because it is shaped like a human palm.

NASA published a post where it said that the claw shaped body is made out of the energy released from nebula. The nebula itself was a product of a pulsar that got formed due to an explosion in a star. The pulsor is known as PSR B1509-58.  Talking about its size, the width of claw is approx. 19 kilometers. NASA also revealed on its Instagram page that ‘Claw of God’ is rotating seven times per second. You can find all these details and more on the website of Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Scientists at NASA believe that it was formed because of a supernova explosion that took place 1700 light years ago.  It is unbelievable to think that when the explosion took place, it was the age of Maya civilization on the earth. In China, there was rule of Jin Empire.

Pulsars are formed as a result of explosion in stars whose clouds possess huge magnetic power.  These clouds are very dense in nature and usually take a long time to settle.  However, according to the latest discovery, now it is gradually fading away.


Claw of God is the Result of a Supernova Explosion

Scientists from all over the world started investigating about its speed, size and color change right since the year 2004. From then on, they regularly carried out research in 2008, 2011 and finally in 2018. You can clearly see in these pictures that the density of the clouds of this ‘Claw of God’ is continuously decreasing.

The pictures that were released recently were taken three years back in 2018. However, the details regarding its size, shape and colour was revealed only recently after the density of clouds decreased. If the trend continues, in all likelihood, the ‘Claw of God’ will disappear forever.

Now, we know that this so called ‘Claw of God’ is actually the remnants of a supernova explosion that took place long ago in our galaxy.  The hand that is visible in the space is located about 17 thousand light years away from the Earth. Its arms are spread over a large area of ​​33 light years. In the pictures taken from the Chandra X-ray Observatory, it is seen in different colors of red, yellow and blue. It is located in the Circinus constellation.

If you look carefully at the ‘Claw of God’, you will hardly see five fingers clearly. The maximum, you can see will be three fingers and a thumb.  The wrist behind the claw and a little hand will be also visible.

You can also see a lot of illumination over the fingers.  These fingers actually represent different groups of clouds that are separated. Since there is still a lot of collision taking place between clouds, it is shown through visible light. However, there is not much light visible in the claws and hands.

According to the latest research and data from NASA scientists, now the claw is moving rapidly on its axis as well as in different directions.  The hand collided with the cluster of bright clouds is called RCW 89. The center of these clouds is located at a distance of 35 light-years from the spot where explosion took place.


What Goes to Claw of God Remains There

The ‘Claw of God’ has a very strong magnetic power.  You can imagine the extent of its power, once you know that it is 15 trillion times more powerful than the Earth’s magnetic force. Just think of it – a magnetic power of 15 lakh crore times more.

This literally means that whatever goes into it, will remain there.  Due to the rapid rotation and high magnetic power, the ‘Claw of God’ is the most powerful electromagnetic generator in our entire galaxy.

Last year, a study related to the ‘Claw of God’ was published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters.  The scientists who participated in these studies said they would soon carry out an exercise to find out about its size, appearance and age.  However, the ‘Claw of God’ is now turning hazy.

According to one post from NASA that was shared on the Connect app, scientists have so far not succeeded in calculating its age. Although they believe that it will remain in existence for a few hundred years more. Maybe, the ‘Claw of God’ is still keeping some more secrets that are yet to be unravelled.



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