Escape From Tarkov’s Co-op Mode is More Than a Practice Mode

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All the things you can do with an EFT’ session shooter’

So Escape from Tarkov CEO Nikita is brewing a new addition to the EFT franchise. It will be a co-op offline game mode that could host PvP or PvE sessions. What’s more, players who own the base EFT game can use their character there (with their Tarkov items and all) to use in the offline mode. So what is it really, and what can we do with it?

The EFT Arena

It’s a standalone (it’s planned to be separate from Escape from Tarkov) offline mode. By all accounts, it can be used to practice cooperating with others for raids in EFT or to host PvP matches for teams or individuals. You can also practice weapons, tactics, and strategies and get a feel for the game in general.

It’s a boon to new players. Throwing themselves right into the mist of veterans in actual raids is like jumping into shark-infested waters without a cage or knowing how to swim. It will be hard for them to get some practice in that kind of environment. This offline mode allows them to explore and practice safely, so they don’t go in unprepared with their friends.

For the PvP aspect, many things are going on. The default mode is a deathmatch where an announcer or host orders the players to do something. It’s vague for now, but it might be to focus on a specific player or to kill others in certain ways. There will be a punishment for pacifist players, so orders must be done promptly.

More than those, there will also be a wave-based PvE mode, though it’s still vague at present what you will be fighting. Its beta release will be limited to owners of the Edge of Darkness expansion. Still, it will eventually be available to everyone.

That’s Not All You Can Do!

What’s really exciting about EFT Arena mode is its PvP mode. While EFT’s main gameplay of raids is somewhat novel for shooter games, Arena adds more potential. Players will be able to host deathmatches, free-for-alls, and whatever team game they can think up through the custom mode.

One example can be an asymmetrical game. For example, one person is ‘it’ and can only use melee weapons. They have to go and kill everybody else who has a gun before they get shot at. Another version will have the ‘it’ turn down their brightness to mess with visibility. Otherwise, it can be the opposite, and the ‘it’ has the gun while everybody else will use melee.

Setting up an ‘Among Us’ style game with Arena may be possible. The ‘traitor’ will have to kill everyone else in the arena before being found out. With this being a shooter, many things will be different. Instead of a vote, you can shoot at whoever you think is the traitor. Well, that’s just an example. That kind of rule will only make everything chaotic, but it seems fun, doesn’t it?

You can also ride the battle royale wave and start one in this game mode! We can’t be sure how to recreate the shrinking playable area, but Arena maps might be small enough to not need them. Even obstacle courses and scavenger hunts aren’t off the table. Custom games for EFT Arena are just brimming with potential.

Additional Information

There will be integration between the two versions of the game. As mentioned, you’ll be able to use your gear from the first game in Arena if you have it. Still, it’s possible to own the Arena version only. You won’t be able to access the Tarkov market or Trader quests, though. Traders might give you tasks for the Arena, but the latter won’t give you any jobs to be completed in the other game.

It follows that the EFT Arena mode is available to all who own it, whether or not they own a version of the other one. There is cross-play in that sense, but Arena-only owners will not be able to access any Escape from Tarkov content. Those who don’t own EFT will be given unlockable preset weapons, as they won’t have a Tarkov item stash to access.

There is a spectator mode, but it’s unclear whether it’s available to dead players only or to whoever wants to watch.

EFT Arena will have 5 or 6 maps. 2 of those will be medium to large ones, while the rest will stay small. They will be based on new and old locations with day and night versions. More are planned after the release.

There are two teams, red and blue, but Nikita says there might be more later.

EFT Arena will use the same engine and combat systems as Escape from Tarkov. No adjustments will be needed when switching between the two modes.

Are You Excited Yet?

While the degree of customization for hosted matches is unclear, players have the creativity to work around limitations. Here’s to hoping any of the mentioned custom games can be done in EFT Arena.

Let’s look forward to Escape from Tarkov Arena’s release and all the fun we can have playing it!

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