How to Help My Husband Quit Gambling

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Just like any addiction, gambling addiction is one kind of mental problem that could be hard to resolve. One thing the addict needs to be free from the devil’s circle is support from their loved ones.

Below are the best methods to help your spouse who’s suffering from gambling addiction. Hopefully, they can completely recover from the problem.

What Is Gambling Addiction?

Before learning about how to stop gambling and learn how to use the geofence app eyeZy, it’s better for you to know about what addiction actually is.

It’s the addiction to always gamble, no matter what the situation that resolves around the addict. Not only affecting the life of the addict, but this addiction will also bring suffering to others, including the ones closest to them.

The addiction to gambling usually has six different phases.

  1. The phase of interest in gambling is the first phase that heavily affects children and adolescents. The interest could last for a year and more.
  2. Winning phase. Winning lots of money is something every gambler dreams of. The fantasy about taking home a huge amount of jackpots will turn into motivation and then addiction. When achieving a big win, the gambler will tend to do another round to get more. This never-ending cycle may last for more than five years, depending on the material capabilities of the gambler.
  3. Loss phase. In gambling, the chances of losing are always higher than winning. When someone’s losing a gamble, they’ll tend to do another round with the hope of winning. This can be another foundation of gambling addiction. When the desire to win is too high, they will sell everything they have, including the house and car, or completely abandon the family.
  4. The desperation phase. This is where there’s a separation between the gambler and their real life. They will become more distant from friends, family, or even jobs.
  5. The phase of losing hope. This phase will happen if someone is losing consistently. The feeling of hopelessness comes through, along with the depression. The gambler would even turn into drug addiction or even suicide if no one helps them.
  6. Recovery phase – The phase when the addict starts getting proper therapy and mediation to keep them away from gambling addiction.

Actions to Help My Husband Quit Gambling

There are some things you can do to support your husband to completely quit from gambling.

  • The first and most important step to take is to seek a specialist that may help in dealing with the addiction
  • Let yourself control the house budget. Limit the amount of money used for gambling
  • The way may also use some monitoring apps, like eyeZy, to detect their husband’s activities online. The tool can also be useful for blocking gambling sites and applications.
  • Check the emails, and block every gambling offer sent to your husband.

Reasons to Quit Gambling

People often try their best to find a solution to how to quit gambling. There are some, actually, but the desire to stop gambling usually comes from the gamblers themselves. Although the desire hasn’t come up yet, there are clear indications to tell that it’s the perfect time to stop gambling immediately.

  • You always argue with the husband about the addiction
  • You’re tired of his lies and unclear reasons for gambling
  • Creditors start bothering your family by asking for payment
  • Your family is considered financially bankrupt
  • All he thinks is about gambling
  • Your husband stops caring about the family
  • The husband suffers from terrible financial loss
  • He always gets distracted
  • His health started to deteriorate.


Stopping gambling addiction is possible. With support from the wife, kids, and the surrounding families, a gambler can always recover from their addiction and go on a better path in life.

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